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proper disposal

Household Trash

Store all your trash in tightly covered trash containers. The Fremont City Ordinance 4-303 states that it shall be the duty of each householder and commercial establishment to provide proper storage for trash. Placing your garbage in a sack or box on the ground could easily become litter. All trash needs to be stored in a trash can with a tight fitting lid. If any of your trash becomes litter, you are responsible for cleaning it up!


Medicine Disposal

The Fremont City Police Department accepts outdated or unwanted medicines — pill form only. Medicinal patches and suckers are also accepted. A special container for the collection of the "Dry" medicines is located in the lobby (by the elevator) of the Police Headquarters — 725 North Park, Fremont. Please leave medicines in the original container — black out all personal information. Call 402-727-COPS for more information.


If you need to get rid of medicines at other times throughout the year, please do not flush the waste down the toilet. Landfilling the medicinal waste is the safer disposal alternative. Add flour, sand or dirt to liquid medicines, secure the lid and wrap in newspaper before placing the medicines in the trash can. Capsules and pills should remain in the original container (remove personal information from the label) – please add glue or some other material to make the ills or capsules unusable. Again – secure the lid and wrap in newspaper before placing the medicines in the trash can.


Needles and Sharps Disposal

When discarding your used needles and syringes, take these precautions:

• Recap your needles only if medication is self-administered.

• Place needles/syringes in a leakproof, puncture resistant container.

   (A heavy plastic laundry detergent jug works well for this purpose)

• Fill the container 2/3 full of needles or sharps.

• Put the lid on and seal with masking tape.

• Label the container “Needles/Sharps,” “Infectious Waste” or “Bio-Hazard Waste.”

• Place the container in the trash.


Appliances Disposal

Appliances need to be prepared for recycling by a licensed professional.  You may take your appliance (refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, dryer stove, etc.) to an appliance dealer for removal of the harmful substances. There is a cost for the removal of freon — please call the appliance dealer ahead of time to determine the fees. You may also take your appliance to the City Transfer Station call 402-721-2346 for more information on fees. All Metals Market accepts some appliances for recycling  please call 402-721-2985 for information.


Tire Disposal

Tires may be taken to the City Transfer Station. The fee for tire recycling depends on the size of the tire. Call 402-721-2346 for more information on fees. Some tire dealers will accept tires for recycling. Call your tire dealer for more information. Scrap Tire Amnesty Events are held throughout the region on a yearly basis — check with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (402-471-2186) to find an event in your area.


Paint Disposal

Paint needs to be dried before it can be placed in the trash. Add paint to an absorbent material such as Kitty Litter or vermiculite, in a plastic line box. When material is dry, place in the trash bag, seal and discard in trash. You may place the empty paint cans in the trash — make sure you remove lids so the refuse hauler can see the paint can is empty.


DO NOT pour liquid paint down the drain, on the ground or put in the trash. Paint must be dried before placing in the trash.


Paint and paint related products are accepted at the yearly Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event.


Battery Disposal

Automotive batteries must be recycled. You may take your automotive battery to a business that accepts batteries.


Mercury Thermometer Disposal

Mercury Thermometers may be taken to the Three Rivers Health Department, located at 2400 North Lincoln in Fremont. Please do not place mercury thermometers in the trash.


Leaves and Grass Clippings Disposal

It is against the law to place yard waste in the regular trash from April 1st through December 1st of each year. You may contract with a refuse hauler to remove your separated yard waste or you may take your leaves and grass clippings to the Fremont Transfer Station located at 1200 Hamilton — 402-721-2346.


Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Keep Fremont Beautiful in cooperation with the City of Fremont, Fremont Department of Utilities, Dodge County and the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, host a yearly HHW collection event. The event is held in early October at Christensen Field in Fremont, NE. Household products that contain corrosive, toxic, flammable or reactive ingredients are accepted at the collection event. Call KFB at 402-941-6122 for more information.


Motor Oil Disposal

Small amounts of used motor oil are accepted at local businesses. Place used motor oil in a sturdy and sealable container. Recycling Information  Used Motor Oil may be taken to the Fremont Transfer Station located at 1200 Hamilton. There is a small fee for the recycling of the oil.


Storm Sewers

Non-point source pollution originates with the overuse of yard chemicals and with the careless dumping of motor oil, antifreeze and paint. Rainwater runoff picks up litter, yard waste, excess fertilizers and pesticides, residue from oil leaks on streets and parking lots, and sediment from construction sites. These pollutants directly enter our streams and lakes without treatment and adversely affect fish and other aquatic life.


• Don’t pour anything in a gutter or down a storm drain that you wouldn’t want to swim in.

• Keep your neighborhood free of litter.

• Fix your vehicle’s oil leaks.

• Don’t overuse fertilizers or pesticides.

• Use a mulching mower to reduce the need to fertilize.

• Take used motor oil to a recycling location.

• Install a rain barrel and reduce runoff.


Call KFB at 402-941-6122 to report illegal dumping in storm drains.


Ditch Dumping

It is against the law to dump trash or large discards in the rural ditches. If you see someone dumping trash in the ditches, please call the Dodge County Sheriff at 402-727-2700.


Doggy Litter

If you are a pet owner, it is your responsibility to clean up after your dog. City Ordinance S6-213 Animal Wastes, states: “The owner of any animal shall be responsible for the immediate removal and proper disposal of any excreta deposited by his/her animal(s) on public walks, recreation areas or private property.”


Please clean up after your pet. Call KFB at 402-941-6122 to report dog waste litterers.




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